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What is a brand exactly?

Lets start with what it is not. A brand is not your product.


Cars, software or soap, are all inanimate soulless things (machines/code/chemicals) that by themselves, don't radiate so much as a speck of charm or attraction by themselves — without branding. And it's through the branding of products that they differentiate themselves in the market place.

Branding is a perceptual construct.

The perceived differences you create for your brand can become one of the greatest advantages over your competition (I have a presentation that can prove that too).


When products are perceived as being more or less the same in a category which is so often the case (think mobile phone providers), it's up to you to create a brand persona that breaks away from the crowd.

If your "product" enjoys a clear advantage, faster results or better safety profile, you have an even stronger foundation upon which to build a perception of superiority.

Whether you're starting from scratch or need to sharpen your brand messaging, I can help you with this systematic approach:

A perception – we engineer

A personality – we radiate

A promise – we fulfill

A persistence – that endures

Ask me more about my branding process: I start by telling clients that a brand isn't just a pretty logo!

Great brands make you more money!

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