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Citracal OTC calcium supplement

When Chris Evert happened to bring her three boys along to our TV shoot, I had an idea and quickly created a new spot right on set. The idea was to help every day moms personally identify with this tennis champion and her need to keep her bones strong.


At the time, this was one of the first television Rx brand launches which I did for Pfizer. It was a big production and a lot of fun; literally like herding cats.

Patient Testimonial

I directed this patient video for a new Rx osteoarthritis brand. I recruited actual arthritis sufferers, not actors, so we got real world patient experiences on camera. This particular woman was absolutely awesome.

Patient Testimonial

I directed this patient video for an Rx weight loss drug. We were lucky enough to find this overweight actress for the role which she clearly plays honestly from her own emotional experiences with obesity.

New Business Pitch Video

I always try to get impactful video into my presentations. They convey the agency's commitment to the brand and deliver a high impact piece of brand messaging.

Client Congratulations 2.0

My agency's client AstraZeneca had just been named Pharmaceutical Company of the Year and rather than sending them an email I suggested we do a whole campaign. This 3D video took their logo and We even ran an ad in the trade publications with a link to this video. The headline I wrote was: AZ go ahead and blow your own horn.

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