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As a creative director, I run the serious risk here of sounding like I know everything there is to know about branding and advertising. Of course not.


In fact what frightens the hell out of me is – how much I don't know! Of course I've been wrong. But we learn more from our mistakes than success, and throughout my career I've learned an awful lot from very smart people on how to correct course — and win this game I love.


No agency owns the copyright on creativity. Nobody gets it right every time. It's equal parts art, science and technology all in a whackey state of flux, forcing us to question everything we know — constantly.


So the good news is there's always room for those curious creative souls like myself to succeed in this business.

I'm simply presenting what I've learned about marketing, strategy, customer insights and the like, because the knowledge I've gained from those disciplines can only improve the quality of my work. Even if it's just designing a nice logo.


And that accrues to providing you creative work — that works.


Peter Zamiska

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