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Branding is Advertising

A strategically well developed brand is the foundation for creating its unique brand of advertising. It's the critical first step in the broader marketing and advertising process. So we begin here.


Brand Parenting

Yes. You are essentially brandparents. That's the role I urge clients to assume through my branding process. Think about it. You conceived your product — it's your baby, you know it better than anyone else, and you'd do anything to help it flourish in the marketplace.


 Branding is the process of giving a lifeless product, a distinct personality designed to attract and engage your target audience by first differentiating it from the competition.


With a clearly defined brand, what then follows is a coherent set of the typical expressions of any brand. Its logo, imagery, colors, copy, its advertising, all of its marketing and tactical materials,  consistently reflecting unique persona of the brand you've dreamed of.

Whether you're starting from scratch or need to focus your existing brand messaging, I can help guide us through a systematic process to define a brand that's most likely to succeed. Starting with probing questions like these:

Sex – male, female or asexual?

Age – young idealist or wise old uncle?

Attitude – road warrior or contemplative sage?

Ideals – world domination or something else?

Ask me more about my branding process. I often ask clients; what does your brand want to be — when it grows up?

A brand is a terrible thing to waste.

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