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There is no mass market for you brand.

I'm sorry. But it's true. Many marketers, not you of course, sincerely believe that everyone in the world will LOVE their product. It's like baby pictures. The proud new parent can't help but show you the most beautiful baby — in the get my point.

No mass market...but masses of markets.

Experienced marketers recognize their audience target intimately. They spend money to actually send their agency people out to live with them so they can better understand their desires and needs.


But if you don't have that kind of marketing budget, how do you efficiently pinpoint your brand advertising to your most valuable customer? Of course digital advertising has very precise answers.


But. The question then becomes, does your brand's digital messaging successfully connect with those very precise audience profiles. And that's where I can help, creating your messages.

Ask me more about marketing. I tell my clients that there are as many discreet messages to be created as there are audience segments. I have a whole playbook of messages for any type of customer, all based on the "Adoption Curve" or "Diffusion of Innovations".



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