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Insights are the Big Bang of advertising.

They're hard to recognize, but when you finally discover one —  BANG! Your brand really lights up.

A personal anecdote on insight.

I heard this story first hand from the famous brand planner Jon Steel. In 1993 his agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners were struggling to find a campaign concept to help increase flagging milk sales. They were months and months into hunting for a key insight about milk — what people thought about milk, which turned out to be a very unremarkable commodity in everyone's mind. Until one day a man in the Midwest spoke up.


He said, and I quote:

"The only time I think about milk is when I don't got none."


That's how the famously successful "GOT MILK" campaign was born. From one single insight!

Ask me more about insight mining. I tell my clients that they probably already have one buried in the mountains of research they have. It's just a matter of recognizing it! I can help you hunt it down.

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