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Advertising gets a bad rap.

No kidding. Most advertising inspires pure animosity. In polls the advertising profession ranks below used car salesmen. Why? Because so much advertising insults our sensibilities. Our eyeballs are captive to awful advertising and for things we'd never ever be interested in buying in the first place.

Enter the Ad Blockers!

Advertising can rise to greatness.

It can inspire a revolution —

The Pepsi Generation

It can change our digital lives —

Think Different

It can even save our lives  —

Buckle up for safety

Great advertising is exceptional truth-telling.

In 1912, Harry McCann and four partners launched the advertising agency that would later become McCann Erickson. Their founding motto was the“Truth Well Told" which beautifully expresses one of the most fundamental principles behind advertising and marketing.

Ask me more about the kind of advertising I create. I tell  clients; if you create ads your audience actually likes...sales won't be far behind.



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